5 Reasons Why We Love PC

We love PCs,majority of the computer users are PC owners.

Here are our 5 reasons for owning and loving a PC :

1.Compatibility : Say goodbye to shiny propreitary hardware,a simple Intel machine can be configured to run most of the stuff under sun (like say dual booting Linux and Windows).

2.Easier to upgrade : Notice how you can quickly replace a failed power supply or a hard disk in a jiffy by going to nearest computer store?Shiny things don’t always mean they are reliable or inexpensive.

3.Easier to troubleshoot : Tons of free online help available,you don’t need to take your “gadget” to some “genius” at the store 😉 to get it fixed because of the propreitary hardware.

4.Games : Why is it that most of the popular titles are released for PC ? 🙂

5.Security : Hold on,this might come as a surprise but a regularly updated PC doesn’t really cause any issues.The myth that non PCs are more secure is because crackers target computers that have a large user base (PC in this case) and hence the myth.

So you see,don’t fall for the hype and fancy advertising.

Choose what best suits your purpose instead of trying to be all hip and cool 🙂

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