How To Disable OneDrive In Windows 8.1

surgeprice.display("ihaveapc.com_336x280_abovepost"); Microsoft OneDrive is tightly integrated with Windows 8.1. What this means is that there is no specific uninstall option for OneDrive and so it can’t really be removed. It will be visible in File Explorer and also be active once logged into Windows 8.1. However if needed, it can be disabled so that it no longer syncs documents/stores...

How To Set Desktop Background On Start Screen In Windows 8.1

desktop background on Windows 8.1 start screen
The desktop background that is chosen as per preference when using desktop in Windows 8.1 can also be set to show on Start screen that has various tiles/apps.To do this : Right click on taskbar and select “Properties”.Next, go to the Navigation tab and check the option “Show my desktop background on Start”. Hit Ok to save the changes.Now access the Start screen (either...

How To Turn Off Charms In Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 charms
The charms bar  that is available from Windows 8 onward represent a set of controls that can be quickly accessed by pointing the mouse to top right of Windows screen. These charms are “Search”, “Share”, “Start”, “Devices” and “Settings”.They can however be disabled if desired. To do this in Windows 8.1: Right click on taskbar and select...

How To Enable Or Disable Autoplay In Windows 8.1

There is an easy way to enable or disable autoplay in Windows 8.1 whenever a media/device is inserted. To do this : Access the Windows charm bar and go to Settings  > Change PC settings.From “PC settings”, select “PC and devices” and go to “Autoplay”. Then simply turn on/off the slider next to “Use Autoplay for all media and devices”.All done.

Manage App Notification Settings In Windows 8.1 Using Quiet Hours

selecting quiet hours time intervals in Windows 8.1
With many applications being used, there can be many notifications generated for each of them in Windows 8.1. However, the “quiet hours” settings can be used to turn these notifications off for a desired time interval. To do this : Access the PC settings using the Windows 8.1 charms bar an go to “Search and apps”.From the “Notifications” column, make sure that...

Quickly Resize Tiles In Windows 8.1

Changed size of tile in Windows 8.1
The tiles in Windows 8.1 Start screen can be resized as large, wide medium or small as needed. Here is how to do it : Go to Start screen (by using the Windows Start button on desktop/ by the Windows key on keyboard) and right click the tile to be resized. Next, click on “Resize” option which appears at the bottom and select the tile size as needed.The selected tile will now be of the...