Use Microsoft Edge To Make Reading And Managing Articles Easier

Microsoft Edge can simplify reading and sharing articles with the Windows 10 Creators Update.surgeprice.display("ihaveapc.com_336x280_abovepost");It does this through Reading View and Sharing directly from within the browser. To make reading articles easier and without distractions, simply open the required webpage and click on the book icon.This will render the article webpage in Reading...

How To Install Windows 10 Apps In Different Drives And Partitions

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Apps, media files and documents in Windows 10 are by default stored in the system partition. The path for each of these can be changed if needed. Here is how : Access Windows 10 settings from Action center > All settings.  Select System.Click on Storage and from the right pane, change the installation path for apps and media files.This can help in streamlining storage capacity. All done.

Windows 10 Tips & Tricks : Infographics

Here is a useful infographic about Windows 10 tips and tricks. This covers new features available in Windows 10, common problems and hidden features that can be enabled for better productivity.[ Image courtesy : EaseUS ]

Prevent Windows 10 From Auto Restarting By Setting Active Hours

With the Anniversary update of Windows 10, a feature of Active Hours automatically delays the restarting of system once updates are applied. The reboot will only take place outside the set Active Hours. These hours can be changed as per convenience from Windows settings : Access the Windows Settings option (click on Action center > All settings).Choose Update & security.From the Windows...

How To Create An Installation Disk For Windows 10

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For many PCs running Windows 10, it would have been a direct online upgrade from previous versions of Windows without actually using the Windows 10 disk for installation. So it is essential to have an installation disk ready for Windows 10 in case if re-installation needs to be done at some later point of time. Microsoft provides Media Creation Tool for this. This tool makes it easy to upgrade existing...

How To Access Safe Mode In Windows 10

Accessing safe mode is useful when trying to troubleshoot Windows problems or to optimize the system settings. Earlier versions of Windows had the option of pressing F8 during system boot to launch safe mode. However in Windows 8 and 10, the process of booting into safe mode is a lot different. Here is how to enable safe mode in Windows 10 : First, through Action Center go to All settings and choose...