How To View Average System Load Graphically In Linux Mint From Command Line

Linux Mint has some pretty useful graphical system tools for optimizing performance. The Linux shell too  can be used to run a graphical window based tool that is available in most of the distros. That is xload .surgeprice.display("ihaveapc.com_336x280_abovepost");It gives a histogram view of average system load. It can be used for monitoring/diagnosing performance if needed. Running it...

Quickly Get Detailed Battery Usage Details In Linux Mint

For laptops and mobile PCs running on battery source, powerstat is a useful Linux Mint software that shows the detailed power battery consumption along with the average, standard deviation and maximum/minimum values of collected data. To install it, open Terminal in Linux Mint (this is applicable to Ubuntu as well) and type : sudo apt-get install powerstatOnce installed, it can be run with various...

Quickly Convert PDF Documents To Images In Linux Mint

Often, it may be useful to convert certain types of PDF files like short manuals or documents to an image file. Here is a simple way to do this from Linux Mint command line : First, open Terminal and install ImageMagick which is a set of tools for editing, resizing or converting images: sudo apt-get install imagemagickAfter it is installed, simply use the “convert” command (part of ImageMagick)...

How To Quickly Remove Programs In Cinnamon Linux Mint 17

Linux Mint 17 Qiana Cinnamon edition has a useful time-saving feature of directly removing programs without accessing Software Manager or Terminal. To do this, click on Menu and simply right click the program that needs to be removed.Next, choose Uninstall and let the uninstallation process start. All done. Happy uninstalling.

How To Turn Off Autoplay In Linux Mint 15

Accessing system settings in Linux Mint 15
An earlier post described how to turn off autoplay when using Windows 8.1 Now, to do the same in Linux Mint : Access System Tools > System Settings.Choose “Applications & Removable Media”.Remove the tick mark next to “Never prompt or start programs on media insertion”.Autoplay is now turned off in Linux Mint 15. All done.