How To Enable Tracking Protection In IE9

surgeprice.display("ihaveapc.com_336x280_abovepost"); Here’s how to enable tracking protection in IE9: 1. Surf the websites for which you want to enable tracking protection using IE9. 2. Click on ‘Settings>Safety>Tracking Protection’.2. Click on ‘Your Personalized List’ and click ‘Enable’.3. Click on ‘Settings’.4. Here you’ll...

How To Block Websites From Requesting Your Physical Location In IE9

Here’s how to block websites from requesting your physical location in IE9: 1. In IE9, click on ‘Settings>Internet options’.2. Click on ‘Privacy’.3. Check the option ‘Never allow websites to request your physical location’.Click ‘OK’ when done.

5 Free Proxy Websites That You Should Know

Using proxy servers makes it easy to access blocked web sites as well as maintain online anonymity when visiting websites that may turn out to be malicious in nature. Here are 5 reliable free proxy websites that help and are sufficient for casual internet surfing although anonymously : 1. Hide My Ass! : This site offers free web proxy to surf sites anonymously, free anonymous emailing as well as paid...

Surf The Net Anonymously Through FireFox

FireFox has tons of cool addons and here is one more. This is a TOR add-on which works using TOR(The Onion Ring) network.The reason it is called onion is because it involves the use of many layers through which the end user data is routed anonymously before reaching the end point. What this simply means is that there is no definite way to monitor or hijack the end user data since so many layers are...