The Flying Car Dilemma

Well, it has social media integration. That seems to be a more important feature than the whole flying thing after all. Image courtesy :  Dilbert

A Cake For Web Geeks : Funny

This is a nice cake for the web geeks and coders too. Also makes coding and web development seem so tasty! [ Image courtesy : Flickr ]

Server Maintenance Nightmare : Funny

This is what it looks like. Oh, and first locate the servers which need maintenance.

The Life Of A Web Server : Funny

So many requests, so many choices and so little time. That’s the life of web server. [Image courtesy : xkcd ]

Cell Phone Uses : Funny

Cell phones have awesome usefulness in the dark. Making phone calls come later after texting and checking the time. Yay for cell phones! [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

Computer Viruses : Explained

A simple Venn diagram for understanding computer viruses. [Image courtesy : xkcd ]