IT Management : Funny

Migrate to cloud, outsource sales and development and then prepare Powerpoint slides. [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

Research Quality v/s Chair Type : Funny

Research takes a lot longer when there is a spinning chair. [Image courtesy : xkcd ]

When Searching For Old Files On PC : Funny

Here is what searching  through very old files and folders on a computer feels like : [ Image courtesy : xkcd ]

The Vanishing Pen Mystery : Funny

Lost pens never found – they must have been teleported to another dimension. [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

Productivity v/s Deadline

productivity v/s deadlines : funny
This makes perfect sense. [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]  

The Illusion Of Corporate Leadership : Funny

illusion of corporate leadership : explained
Pointy haired boss explains corporate leadership eloquently. [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]