The Vanishing Pen Mystery : Funny

Lost pens never found – they must have been teleported to another dimension. [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

Productivity v/s Deadline

productivity v/s deadlines : funny
This makes perfect sense. [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]  

The Illusion Of Corporate Leadership : Funny

illusion of corporate leadership : explained
Pointy haired boss explains corporate leadership eloquently. [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

The Joys Of Leg Jiggling As Seen By Geeks

joys of leg jiggling
The joys of leg jiggling as seen by geeks, like resonance for example. So it has it’s uses [ Image courtesy : xkcd ]  

A Unix Philosophical Question

Of Unix shells and C. [ Image courtesy : Zazzle ]

Internet Surfing Annoyances : Funny

internet annoyances : funny
The websites with address typos  always seem to be around forever in browser history. [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]