A Unix Philosophical Question

Of Unix shells and C. [ Image courtesy : Zazzle ]

Internet Surfing Annoyances : Funny

internet annoyances : funny
The websites with address typos  always seem to be around forever in browser history. [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

The Front Door Dilemma

The Front Door Dilemma
An accurate graphical representation. [ Image courtesy : xkcd ]

Project Presentation Tips : Funny

project presentation : explained
During project presentations, executives only respond to familiar colors and shapes. [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

5 Failed Predictions From The Past About Technology

The future is not always what it may seem to be. Online shopping : Computer hardware : Wireless networks : Internet : Y2K bug : [ Image courtesy : theberry ]

Life On The Internet v/s Real Life

Internet Life v/s Real Life
Common things between real life and online life. Venn diagram makes it easy to explain.