The Joys Of Leg Jiggling As Seen By Geeks

joys of leg jiggling
The joys of leg jiggling as seen by geeks, like resonance for example. So it has it’s uses [ Image courtesy : xkcd ]  

A Unix Philosophical Question

Of Unix shells and C. [ Image courtesy : Zazzle ]

Internet Surfing Annoyances : Funny

internet annoyances : funny
The websites with address typos  always seem to be around forever in browser history. [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

The Front Door Dilemma

The Front Door Dilemma
An accurate graphical representation. [ Image courtesy : xkcd ]

Project Presentation Tips : Funny

project presentation : explained
During project presentations, executives only respond to familiar colors and shapes. [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

5 Failed Predictions From The Past About Technology

The future is not always what it may seem to be. Online shopping : Computer hardware : Wireless networks : Internet : Y2K bug : [ Image courtesy : theberry ]