How To Prevent Bookmarked And Stored Websites From Showing Up In Firefox When Typing Web Addresses

surgeprice.display("ihaveapc.com_336x280_abovepost"); When typing name of websites in location bar in Firefox, by default it will show a list of similar named websites from history as well as from the bookmarks list. To prevent these sites from showing up : 1. Click on Edit > Preferences in Linux based Firefox (or Tools > Options in Windows based Firefox). 2. Select the Privacy tab and...

How To Prevent Firefox 5 From Storing History Of Visited Websites

Firefox 5 options
Here is how to prevent Firefox from remembering your website history : 1. Select Tools > Options.2. Under Privacy tab, select Never remember history and click Ok.From now on, Firefox 5 will stop remembering your visited websites list. By the way, if you like using add-ons, here is a cool add-on that does the above and some more. Cheers.

How To Configure Firefox To Always Run In Private Browsing Mode

Mozilla Firefox (3.5 onwards) has a cool feature that can allow one to surf the internet even on a shared computer and leave no trace behind (history, cookies etc). This is called Private Browsing feature and is useful when a single login id is being used to access Firefox and other applications on a computer. It can be enabled by simply hitting Ctrl + Shift + P or through Tools > Start Private...