How To Find Out Which Apps Are Consuming The Most Data In Windows 10

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surgeprice.display("ihaveapc.com_336x280_abovepost"); Windows 10 provides a detailed summary of apps and their total data usage. This can be a useful metric to estimate which apps consume a lot of data and which don’t especially when using metered Internet connection. To view this data usage : Go to Windows Settings by clicking on All settings from the Action Center.Next, choose Network...

Pin Favorite Websites When Using Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser can pin favorite websites if required. What this means is that if a website is pinned, it will stay in the Edge navigation bar and will be opened every time Edge is launched. To do this, simply go to the website which needs to be pinned and right click it’s tab. Then choose PinThe website will now always be in the extreme left corner of Edge with only it’s favicon...

Prevent Windows 10 From Auto Restarting By Setting Active Hours

With the Anniversary update of Windows 10, a feature of Active Hours automatically delays the restarting of system once updates are applied. The reboot will only take place outside the set Active Hours. These hours can be changed as per convenience from Windows settings : Access the Windows Settings option (click on Action center > All settings).Choose Update & security.From the Windows...

Change Taskbar Location In Windows 10

Taskbar location in Windows 10 Anniversary Update can be changed from the default (bottom) to left, center, top or right. To do this, access Settings by right clicking on taskbar.Click on Taskbar option from the Settings listSelect any location on screen as needed.The taskbar will now be shifted.All done.

Limit Network Bandwidth For OneDrive On PC With These Steps

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OneDrive for PCs can be configured to save network bandwidth by modifying it’s sync settings. Here is how : Pause Syncing : Syncing can be temporarily paused for either 2 hours, 8 hours or 24 hours if needed. To enable this, right click on OneDrive icon and select Pause syncing.Limit downloading/syncing of large files and folders to PC: Again, right click on OneDrive icon from system tray...