Quickly View Processor Usage From Ubuntu Command Line

surgeprice.display("ihaveapc.com_336x280_abovepost"); It is simple to view the per processor usage and statistics in Ubuntu just using the command line. To do this, first install sysstat using the following Terminal command : sudo apt-get install sysstat After it is installed, mpstat is the command to view the processor usage. To display the average CPU utilization per processor, simply type...

How To Install And Use Tor Browser In Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Tor browser is useful for online anonymity and security. It is free to download and use. The way it provides such anonymity when surfing websites is by bouncing connections over a widely distributed mesh (onion rings) so that it becomes difficult to see the exact source endpoint. It is available to download and use both for Windows and Linux. The Windows version is a simple installer while the Linux...

Backup Home Directory In Linux Using Tar

The tar command in Linux can quickly create archives of entire directories. All of this can be done just with a single command. Here is how : Suppose, the home directory of a user needs to be archived for backup purposes. This directory and all the sub-directories can be “tarred” by the following command : tar -zcvf homedirarchive.tar.gz /home/avpThe above command will create an archive...

Quickly Convert PDF Documents To Images In Linux Mint

Often, it may be useful to convert certain types of PDF files like short manuals or documents to an image file. Here is a simple way to do this from Linux Mint command line : First, open Terminal and install ImageMagick which is a set of tools for editing, resizing or converting images: sudo apt-get install imagemagickAfter it is installed, simply use the “convert” command (part of ImageMagick)...

How To Quickly Remove Programs In Cinnamon Linux Mint 17

Linux Mint 17 Qiana Cinnamon edition has a useful time-saving feature of directly removing programs without accessing Software Manager or Terminal. To do this, click on Menu and simply right click the program that needs to be removed.Next, choose Uninstall and let the uninstallation process start. All done. Happy uninstalling.

How To Change Menu Style In ‘Qiana’ Linux Mint 17 KDE

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The default KDE menu type in Linux Mint 17 is application based.This is similar to Ubuntu unity dashboard where one can search for apps and files and access them. However, if this needs to be changed to the more classic style which has only the groups > programs format, that too can be done. Here is how : Right click on the KDE menu icon and choose “Switch to Classic Menu Style”.Access...