How To Mute Tweets With Specific Keywords And Phrases

surgeprice.display("ihaveapc.com_336x280_abovepost"); Twitter settings can mute tweets with specific phrases and keywords. Although these tweets still will be visible on timeline, they no longer will be included in notifications either through emails, push notifications and text messages/SMS. This is a useful feature to reduce spam and also when being tagged in unrelated tweets. Here is how...

Life Of A Video Game Editor : Funny

Expectations v/s reality . 🙂[ Image courtesy : meme-lol ]

Change Color Schemes For Viewing Webpages In Google Chrome

When viewing web pages using Google Chrome, the color scheme can be inverted or set to contrast. This is not a built-in feature but an extension by Google can enable this. Download and install High Contrast extension from here.Once installed, it will show up next to the Chrome address bar.  These color schemes can be enabled or disabled using keyboard shortcuts too (Shift+F12 and Shift+F11). Webpages...

How To Install Windows 10 Apps In Different Drives And Partitions

Windows 10 logo
Apps, media files and documents in Windows 10 are by default stored in the system partition. The path for each of these can be changed if needed. Here is how : Access Windows 10 settings from Action center > All settings.  Select System.Click on Storage and from the right pane, change the installation path for apps and media files.This can help in streamlining storage capacity. All done.

The Keyboard Trick : Funny

Here is a neat keyboard trick. 🙂[ Image courtesy : xkcd ]

Internet To Real Life Comparison

Presenting the Outernet.