How To Remove Exif Data From Images When Using Ubuntu/Linux Mint

An earlier article described how to remove EXIF data from images when using Windows.

For doing that in Ubuntu/Linux Mint, there is a simple and powerful tool which can be used. It is the exiftool.

First, install it from the terminal using the following command:

sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl

installing exiftool in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

After it is installed, images can be directly processed from the terminal with this tool.

To display the Exif data for a specific photo, run exiftool with input as the image path :

exiftool imagepath

viewing exif data of images using exiftool in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

To delete all the associated Exif data for an image, the -all= parameter is used :

exiftool -all= imagepath

deleting exif data from images using exiftool in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

After the data is removed, viewing the image details would look like this :

image details after removing exif data using exifttool in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

exiftool has many functions and the parameters for that can be accessed using the man page :

man exiftool

man page for exiftool

Do try it out.

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