How To Generate A List Of All Available Commands In Windows Command Prompt

surgeprice.display("ihaveapc.com_336x280_abovepost"); The Windows command prompt has many useful commands that can do useful things. To make a list of these commands for reference, open the command prompt (Windows key + R) and type : cmdOnce at the command prompt, simply dump the contents of the “help” command to an external text file by typing : help >> pathwherethefileistobekept\filename.txt In...

Scribes : A Minimalist Text Editor For Ubuntu

Scribes Text Editor is a feature-rich and lightweight text editor not just for plain text but also for coding. To install it in Ubuntu or Linux Mint : Open Terminal and type : sudo apt-get install scribes It will show up in the Accessories section after installation.The first noticeable thing when using it is that there is just a text environment with no menu or any other features. This is because...

The Transformers Dilemma

The Transformers Dilemma
This is a fascinating dilemma. 🙂[ Image courtesy : FunnyJunk ]

How To Turn “Reply-All” On Or Off In

replyallon provides two options for a default “reply-all” response – on or off. When reply-all is enabled as a default response, any email message that is replied to will automatically include the sender as well as other email addresses from the original email. So, when replying to any email, if “Reply All” is visible, then this means it is set as a default response.Here...

Quickly Upload Images And Videos To ImageShack From Ubuntu

ImageShack Uploader is a simple desktop tool for Ubuntu / Linux Mint which makes it easy to upload multiple images and videos to the popular image sharing site ImageShack. To install it, open Terminal and type : sudo apt-get install imageshack-uploaderAfter installation is complete, it will show up in the Applications > Other section of menu (or simply search for it from the Unity dashboard).Using...

How To Play Multiple Audio And Video Files Simultaneously In VLC Player

VLC player by default allows only one multimedia file at a time to be opened and played in Windows. What this means is that if there are one or more video/audio files that need to be opened, they can’t be played simultaneously. The video/audio file that is currently being played will be replaced by the other one opened after that.This is because VLC player limits the default instance to just...