NFOPad: Time To Dump The Old Windows Notepad

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If you are tired of the plain old Windows Notepad application, and wish that you had a feature rich text editor with the speed and simplicity of the Windows Notepad, it’s time to dump the old Windows Notepad for NFOPad.

1. Go here and click ‘Download installer’ and save the NFOPad setup to your PC.


2. Run the downloaded ‘nfopad163.exe’ and install NFOPad like a normal Windows application with all the default suggested settings.


3. Click ‘Menu>All Programs>NFOPad>NFOPad’ to start the application.


4. Enjoy the feature rich NFOPad –


NFOPad is basically a Windows Notepad clone but with following enhanced features –

– URL & e-mail follow
– Highly customizable (fonts, colors, app. settings)
– Built in ASCII-fonts for nfo files
– Portable
– Window auto width
– Recently opened files list
– Copy on select option
– Shell integration
– Extension determines font
– Unicode support
– Printing
– Searching & replacing text
– Tab width setting
– Go to line
– Delete line
– Drag-n-drop
– Always on top option
– Word wrap option
– Close on ESC key
– Notepad’s .LOG functionality

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