How To Surf The Web Through Linux Mint Terminal ( Retro Net Surfing)

Remember the good old days when modems were cool, dial-up connections were the in-thing and internet was something super special reserved for the geeks ?

Let us try to relive those days by doing something retro – surf the web via a command line browser.

Before GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) were considered a necessity, majority of software applications were run through Terminal or command line interfaces (CLIs). To surf the web through Linux Terminal, all we need is an old school browser like Lynx.

To install Lynx, type sudo apt-get install lynx

Once installed, it is time for some kickass plain text internet surfing 🙂

1. To go to any website, type lynx <website name>. Note that no images will be displayed but you will be able to see everything text-based on the screen.

2. To navigate through hyperlinks use Tab,to set browser preferences, hit ‘O’ and to exit the browser, just type q.

Happy retro web surfing.