How To Fix ‘d3dx9_43.dll missing’ Error In Windows 7

If you are getting an error that ‘d3dx9_43.dll is missing’ while starting an application in Windows 7 :

directx error 001

Follow the following steps to fix it:

1. Go to Microsoft’s website to get ‘DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer‘.

Click ‘Download’ to download the ‘dxwebsetup.exe’ file.

2. Execute the downloaded ‘dxwebsetup.exe’ file and it will download and install the optional DirectX components.

Click ‘Finish’ when done. Try running your application now, the ‘d3dx9_43.dll is missing’ error will not appear again.

  1. Vishal Kataria says:

    guyzzz yr my demon tools are not installing my display shows “this format is not supported” than what should i do in this case…?? can any1 knw???