How To Install XAMPP On Linux Mint

XAMPP provides a free complete suite of PHP,MySQL and Apache as a framework for developing web based applications.

Here is how to install it on Linux Mint :

1. Download the package for Linux from here.

2. Make sure to extract the downloaded package as administrator (Right click on the package and select Open as administrator) and unzip it in the /opt folder.

3. Start XAMPP by typing sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start

4. Verify if you are able to display the test web page by going to http://localhost

What this means that the installed XAMPP suite is up and running.

5. Rejoice for you have installed your own web server alongwith the cool tools like PHP and MySQL(front end and back end development stuff for websites).

Now comes the important part, the job isn’t over yet.

We need to secure this installation that we have just done by setting access passwords to apache,mysql and the stuff.

To do this,XAMPP comes with a nice tool to check the security settings and prompt for setting passwords.

Run it by typing sudo /opt/lampp/lampp security which would ask for passwords if not set or ask for changing passwords if already set :

You  can verify if your installation is secure by clicking on the Security link in the localhost page, all green means all is well :

Enjoy and develop some cool web apps now 🙂

  1. Lawrence Winstead says:

    The first time I tried to install LAMPP on LinuxMint x64, I unpacked the LAMPP archive to my home folder. When I tried to start it up, I got the “32bit” error. I installed the 32bit libraries, and I still got the same error. Then, I deleted the unpacked folder, and re-unpacked it to /opt and then tried to start it up again, and it worked.
    I’m sure the problem has to do with permissions, but I can’t be bothered to figure it out because it’s working, now.