Quickly Change Computer Name In Linux Mint

Alright,you may have often wondered about how to change your computer name to something cooler than what it is.

In Linux Mint/Ubuntu,it is very easy to change the current system/computer name straight from the terminal.

To do this :

1.Open Terminal and first change to the almight root,use sudo -i and enter the root password.

2.Type hostname <new hostname>

I have used ironbutterfly [now that’s a kick ass name for a Mint laptop :)]

3.Close the terminal and reopen,now the hostname will be the new one,you can also verify this by going to System >Administration>System Monitor which too will reflect the changes.

So the moral of the story is don’t compromise or settle with the system name if you don’t like it,after all change is only a terminal away 😉

  1. Great site with great tutorials and loads of useful knowledge!

    What’s worth mentioning is that “hostname” command needs to be followed by editing /etc/hostname as well as /etc/hosts – as superuser – and hanging those accordingly.

    After I used only the “hostname” command and didn’t edit the files, my Mint 10 Debian couldn’t get back to login prompt when screen locked after 5minutes of inactivity.

    (maybe this would help someone struggling with same problems) 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Glad you found it useful Dick.


  3. Dick says:

    Accidentally entered the wrong name for my computer when installing Mint 9.
    Could have poked around and found out how to fix it myself but thought I’d Google the
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    had the fix. Worked great! Now I’m going to bookmark and explore your site for more
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  4. jack parler says:

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